segunda-feira, 23 de novembro de 2009


Nov 23, Day 29 on The Indiam Ocean
Blog from Niklas

Location+ 0825 25 5 S, 68.36EWe have now been out at sea for four weeks now and this leg is taking longer than we thought. But this would have been normal for the Phoenicians I suppose. Unlike many moderns vessels we are totally dependent on the wind to get where we want. For the last couple of weeks we had strong westerly winds with no chance to steer towards Africa.Our plan was to head south quickly to get the southeast trade winds which occur somewhere around latitude 6-8 degrees south. And two days ago that day finally came when we got them. We trimmed the mainsail and are now heading west towards Africa. Though we still are in The Inter Tropical Complication (Convergence) Zone and the winds are quite tricky here which is normal but really tests ones patience. Rainstorms after rainstorms with lightning occur at the horizon here with lots of rain and wind changes as a result. Except the wind changes, I think the rainstorms are exciting and we can collect rainwater to drink. But the best is that after four weeks with sticky saltwater, we can now wash our clothes and ourselves in freshwater. An absolute lovely feeling I must tell you.We haven't got any fish lately, but we have a lot of canned food, pasta and rice left. With the collected rainwater we could last for another month if we have to. But we sure miss good food and solid ground underneath our feet. And of course to communicate with our loved ones back home.