sábado, 31 de outubro de 2009


Mensagens de Vera Sanada e Alice

Estou encaminhando o email da Alice, que é a produtora do Phoenicia na Inglaterra.
Você viu na Globo News a respeito do casal de ingleses que os somálios capturaram?
Estão pedindo resgate ao governo britânica.


( use o recurso de tradução automática para ler em português - direita, alto)

Hope you are well and not missing Yuri too much. Just to let you know Philip has emailed saying everyone is doing well and they are making steady progress. They are taking an easterly course to try to avoid the dangerous areas and we are in contact with the coalition forces and security advisors about the passage plan and information on piracy attacks that are taking place near Somalia.

Philip said all the crew are getting on well. Please note you can see the ships position live (updated every 4 hours) on our satellite tracker see http://live.adventuretracking.com/phoenicia. Keep your eye on the website as I update the blogs as they come through every couple of days.

Please can you confirm why you require my mobile number?
Did Yuri send you some pictures of the new crew arriving from Omani Royal Navy? Please can you email them to me.

Kind regards


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