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Um susto no mar

Mensagens enviadas por Vera Sanada

Leia a respeito do susto que nossos aventureiros levaram a noite passada.
Realmente isso acontece no mar.
Yuri e eu já passamos por vários quando navegávamos.
Imagina eles que estão na altura da Somália.
Realmente eles andam muito apreensivos!

Esse é o momento de mais atenção, e levará no mínimo 15 dias até passarem.


6th November 2009
09.32.5N, 58.37.9 E

Message:Blog 7 Suspicious contact at 50° on the starboard side.

It was 18:30 hrs local time yesterday evening and dusk was just descending. At first there was a report of a contact on the starboard side with the spotting of a light. The narrative ran something like this: “What is it?” “It is a large ship”. “How can you tell that?”

“The mast is a at least 10 meters tall”
“How can you tell that?” Ermm....
“How long do you think the ship is?
“About 20 meters”
“The same as Phoenicia then?” “Yes”
“so most likely either a pirate mother ship or a fishing boat?”
“Wow their deck lights are bright”.

“Yes they are obviously doing something on deck, either launching a skiff or two or hauling nets”
“Looks like it is getting closer”.

“Yuri can you get the generator started and the LRAD plugged in. Nicolas can you check the satellite phone is ready and switch on our navigation lights.”

“You are 20° off course- for goodness sake’s concentrate or we will be in real trouble. You should be steering 150°, not 130°”.

“That is interesting they have turned off their deck lights but they have their navigation lights still on”.

“Darken ship and get our navigation lights off. They will know we have seen them but if they are coming for us it will be more difficult for them to find us as it is pitch black right now and the full moon won’t rise for an hour or so”.

“There is another contact on the port side, several lights”

“What is it?” “It is a very large ship, a container ship” comes the reply. “Okay it is going to clear us easily- so lets concentrate on the starboard contact”.

“Oh xxxx. It is turning and coming right for us”.

About 10 minutes later. “Actually I think it is a fishing boat and its bearing is moving down our starboard side”.

An hour later- “stand down everybody. But be extremely vigilant on the lookout unless you want an enforced vocation inside a Somali cave. It must have been a lonely fishing boat. We don’t want to see any more of them as they are not good for the nerves”.

“What is for supper and are there any more of those pancakes left?”

Message from Phoenicia UK office: Blog readers please note the latest position report has come in from the ship and all the crew are well with no sign of any problems since the incident last night. Please keep following the blog and satellite tracker for the latest news. You can also leave a personal message for the crew on the Phoenicia message board.

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Posição de Yuri hoje pelo rastreador Spot

Localização GPS Latitude Data/Tempo:11/06/2009 09:39:12 BRST

Para ver no mapa, clique em,58.6551&ll=9.40018,58.6551&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

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