quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2009


9th November 2009

06 31.4N, 59.21.9 E
Blog 9 (Day 16 on the Indian Ocean) from Niklas Andersson

I'm now sitting in the galley watching Dirman and Philip playing chess. The last days the wind has slightly changed to the north which is giving us wind directly from the stern with good speed as a result. In the last 24 hours we have sailed 120miles. We now have approximately four days to the equator and maybe a few more days before we can turn west towards Africa. Today Philip showed me a wind and current chart. There might be some tricky winds and maybe rainstorms to expect when we're crossing the equator. Exiting! I’m tired of good weather.

No, I don't really mean that. But still, it's exiting.In the last couple of days we discovered that some of the bracer lines to the sail have snapped, and a few other lines being torn down and are about to break. Naturally for hemp ropes in tough conditions I guess. Just a reminder that there is a lot of weight hanging over our heads and we really don't want the wrong ropes to snap. I can imagine this was one risk that the Phoenicians must have been very careful about. For security we changed the broken parell, that brings the mast and yard together, to a modern thick fibre rope. The fishing competition is now Philip 6, Dirman 4 and Julhan 2.I want to thank Yuri for a lovely birthday supper the other day. He made us pizza with fruit cocktail for desert. And last, not to forget, an Arabic birthday song.

Thank you!


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