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O Globo Online - 18 de novembro

Navio dos Estados Unidos sequestrado em abril rechaça a tiros novo ataque de piratas somali

HARADHEERE, Somália - Piratas somalis atacaram na quarta-feira o navio...outros dois episódios, um pirata contou que um capitão ferido no sequestro...patrulhas ao norte da costa somali.A Central de Comando da...dos EUA informou que quatro piratas chegaram a 300 metros do Maersk...comandante da central.Piratas em Harardheere, um de seus refúgios...


De Vera Sanada, de terra. Brasil

Oi, Amigos,
Tudo bem?
Chegou um novo blog do Philip, a preocupação continua ainda quanto aos piratas. Como eles abriram bem acredito que tenham saido da zona de perigo, mas é bom que se mantenham atentos.

Do Capitão Philip

Blog 14: Rain and fishy goings on in the galley

We are well into the inter-tropical conversion zone now at about 7 degrees south and still few signs of the south east trade winds. We remain hopeful that as we head further south we will. And when combined with our detour for piracy, its adding up to be quite a long passage of between 30 and possibly 40 days. We should just about have enough food and water to make it but there are few points of refuge in the middle of the Indian Ocean, at least that we can get to. So no real choice but to plough on.
We spent much of yesterday with our main sail down (as we have been becalmed and took the opportunity to renew all the brailing lines that had broken - which was most of them! We have also resewn many of the brailing hoops that have broken away from the webbing on the sails and also resewn webbing and patched holes in the sail- a whole crew job that was good for bonding together. So when we get further south and we find the wind we will be ready for it.
The previous 24 hours featured two heavy rain downpours. The crew and ship became one torrent of fresh water, with clothes and bunks becoming sopping wet. The only good of the rain was for freshwater showers and the negative was a somewhat downbeat impact on the crew.There have been some fishy goings on in the galley. Our fishing blight has continued with one or two exceptions. The other night word went around that Sulhan was preparing noodles and rice with flying fish.
We all assumed he had found some flying fish on deck and used them for the meal. The meal raised a few eyebrows due to the very strong tasting pieces of fish amongst the rice and noodles and our stomachs ached afterwards as a result. It later transpired that Sulhan had used his bag of sun-dried fish he had caught in Salalah and dried on the roof of the cabin and subsequently stored in plastic crisp bag. How we wish it had been thrown away when we cleared the cabin roof a couple of weeks ago! since then we have caght a large barracuda snake-like fish.
Hopefully our luck is changing for the better.

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