quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2009


18 de novembro

Blog 13 from Captain Philip Beale

We are currently passing through the Inter- Tropical Coversion Zone (ITCZ) where the weather systems of the north and south meet just slightly below the equator. In the Atlantic this area is known as the doldrums but in the Indian Ocean there is usually wind, albeit lighter and much more variable than in the established wind systems. We are currently at 3 degrees south and some where between here and 8 degrees south we will hit the south east trade winds that will propel us towards Dar Es Salaam.Needless to say the slower winds and that we have had to come so far east to avoid the pirates, as dampened spirits on board.

Also we have had a barren time with the fishing recently and caught nothing for several days. Dirman's refrain that the fish are "sleeping" is beginning to wear a bit thin! Still there is just a sense that the wind may be starting to shift. If it is confirmed that will raise our spirits and we will gradually get back to some exciting sailing, no doubt with the odd down pour that the south east trade winds are known for.

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